TAC AEREOSOL SPRAY is a ready to use insecticide made from synthetic pyrethroids, synergized, with rapid knockdown action and persistent. Apply drops of product the size of a lentil in cracks, wall crevices, baseboards, electric boxes, on water pipelines and all the dark, damp, warm cracks where environmental conditions increase the proliferation of beetles. Use safely in home enviromnents, ensuring maximum security for the people and pets. Do not treat materials or fabrics that will be in direct contact with the people. TAC ONE-SHOT total emptying (150 ml.) can be placed vertically in the center of the room. press the valve and leave the room. The release is completed in 2-3 minutes. After about 30-60 minutes to aerate the treated areas. The 150 ml bottle should be used in areas from 45 sqm for treatment against crawling insects and up to 75-100 square meters against fl ying insects. Do not use in environments of less than 30 square meters. If they have to be treated surfaces and environments with higher cubic capacity, increase proportionally dividing the number of emitters in several places. Repeat the treatment if necessary, according to insect, its development cycle and environmental conditions.

  • Aerosol Spray insecticide
  • • Deltamethrin tec. 0.0225%
    • Esbiothrin tec. 0.3%
    • PBO 1.665%
  • Mosquitoes, Asian tiger mosquito,
    flies, and other flying insects, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, weevils, and tribolii other arthropods such as spiders and malicious or nuisance
    bed bugs.
  • Ready to use, applied at a distance
    of 10-25 cm all around the area to be treated on the surface.
    About the one-shot version, please
    see the descrition above.
Tac spray1-2-400-500X12HOME CARE90 boxes/pallet.
Areosol Spray 500 ml in box of 12 pieces.
Tac spray ONE SHOT with cases1-2-400-150X24HOME CARE72 boxes/pallet
Areosol Spray 150 ml in box of 24 pieces.