Red Top Fly Catchers are used in more than 27 countries worldwide protecting gardens, smallholdings, farms, stables, kennels, disaster and war zones anywhere that has flies. Works even with fruit fl ies and pesticide resistant flies, catching them up to ten times faster than other traps. Require no electricity and, at less than 1p per 100 flies, are an economical solution to your fly problem. Also available as “small version” (RED TOP SMALL) Strenghts: Low cost & easy to use – Completely disposable – Can catch up to 20000 flies. The RED TOP needs UV to work and should be hung in direct sunlight. The warmer the weather, the faster the catch (and obviously, the more flies there are to catch). The RED TOP should not be hung inside a building – it is designed to attract the flies out of the building. Depending on the scale of the problem, the RED TOP can be filled to capacity (20000 flies) in as little as 3 days or it can be catching flies after 12 weeks. The Redtop fly trap uses a safe and biodegradeable bait. Add 2/3 of water to the Redtop bait and hang away from your protected area.

RED TOP dimensions: diameter 19,5 cm x height 26,5 cm.

RED TOP SMALL dimensions: diameter greater than 10 cm x height 19 cm.

Red Top moschicida6-49-512X50GARDEN CARE24 boxes/pallet
Red Top small6-49-514X20GARDEN CARE48 boxes/pallet