The aerosol based on pyrethrum, synergised with PBO, PIRETROX SPRAY is the most advanced system for environments free of flying insects.

An insecticide based on natural pyrethrum which has the characteristic of preventing reinfestation, thanks to the power of the repellent quality, tipically found in natural pyrethrins. Does not contain solvents or mineral propellants that harm the ozone. The aerosol spray can is designed to be inserted in the appropriate dispenser model AD270S, which automatically dispenses a microdose of product at programmable timed intervals. The automatic machine must be placed at a minimum height of mt. 2.20 and in a location free from architectural barriers so that the product can be spread uniformly in the environment. Each aerosol spray can with a spout prevents the settlement of flies and other flying insects, covering an area of about 80 square meters (200 cube meters) even with doors and windows open and has a range of at least 30 days uninterrupted.

  • Aerosol
  • • Pyrethrins pure 50% – 3%
    • PBO 12%
  • Flies, mosquitos, flying insects
  • Ready to use
    with automatic dispenser
14-25-250X6HOME CARE144 boxes/pallet.
Spray of 250 ml in box of 6 pieces.