PIRETROX™ PU, based exclusively on natural Pyrethrum and synergistic, has been specially studied for food industries environments and has the following features:

– odorless, non-staining

– highly effective against a wide range of flying and crawling insects

– fast: the action of the insecticide PIRETROX™ PU, is withering; in a few minutes treated areas will be free from insects

– due to natural Pyrethrum, does not induce resistance phenomena or addictive.

Due to its characteristics, PIRETROX™ PU, can be used with safety in industries of sausages, meat processing, canned food, confectionery, canned goods, dairy products, fruit juices and soft drinks, as well as in fishmongers, butchers, bakeries and pasta makers, bakeries, stores and food warehouses, mills, etc.

  • Ready to use liquid insecticide
  • • Pyrethrins pure (50%) – 0.6%
    • PBO 3%
  • Flies, mosquitoes, crawling insects,
  • Ready to use:
    1 liter per 100 m2 surface /
    1 liter per 1000 m3
1-1-183-1X12HOME & GARDEN CARE40 boxes/pallet.
Trigger of 1l in box of 12 pieces.