Effective for disinfestation of civil buildings, industrial, agricultural, housing, schools, stores, warehouses, gyms, camping sites, hotels, restaurants etc. Effective against cockroaches, ants and crawling insects in general. The insects come into contact with the insecticide substance, mingle and convey inside the nest, the eradication of the colony normally occurs after about a week. Lasting effect. Apply along the walls, the cracks, the cracks. Reapply as needed, every 15-20 days. Making a barrier treatment around the areas to be protected. Do not clean the treated surfaces in order to maintain the insecticidal activity.


– Allows you to set up a treatment “barrier” around the places to be protected

– Flushing effect

– Immediate knock-down effect

– Prolonged action

  • Microgranular
  • • Pyrethrins pure 7.00 g
    • PBO 14.00 g
    • Coformulants q.b. to 100.00 g
  • Cockroaches, fleas, ants, silverfish, dermestides etc.
  • 20 g per square meter
1-188-100X100GARDEN CARE100 gr. puffer pack in box of 100 pieces
1-188-500X20GARDEN CARE500 gr. puffer pack in box of 20 pieces
1-188-200X50HOME CARE200 gr. puffer pack in box of 50 pieces
1-188-1X12HOME CARE1kg puffer pack in box of 12 pieces