PIRETROX[TM] is a fast killing insecticide thanks to its Pyrethrins content. It is suitable for non-residual treatments in civil, industrial and domestic areas. It is very effective in the fi ght against flying and crawling insects in both civil and domestic environments in green areas such as gardens, lawns, shrubs, hedges. The product is useful to flush out and eliminate bugs and prevent infestations by ants through targeted treatments of cracks and crevices in walls and floors.The solution can be used for 10-15 sqm of surface by means of common sprayers, manual pressure pumps, or motor mist blowers. For treatments of green areas it is recommended to spray the vegetation evenly, avoiding any dripping.

  • Emulsion liquid insecticide
  • • Pyrethrins pure 1.25%
  • Flies, mosquitoes, bluebottles blowflies, wasps, ants, cockroaches, louses, fleas, moths, wheat weevils, etc.
  • 2% -3% (200 ml – 300 ml of the product in 10 l of water)
1-1-182-250X24GARDEN CARE54 boxes/pallet.
Bottle of 250 ml in box of 24 pieces.
1-1-182-5X10HOME CARE256 boxes/pallet
Phial of 10ml in box of 5 phials.