NEODUST insect powder is easy and ready to use and comes in a resealable pack. It is ideal to use where liquid based formulations are unsuitable. NEODUST is odourless, non-tainting and non-staining. NEODUST contains permethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid, which is well proven for its activity against a wide range of insect pests. Permethrin is photostable giving NEODUST its residual activity. For environmental pest control spread a thin layer of NEODUST directly from the package or with the appropriate equipment. In case of treatment of large areas in places where pests live and breed and at the entrance of buildings to create a “barrier”.

  • Powder insecticide
  • • Permethrin 0,6%
    • PBO 2,4%
  • Ants, silverfish, tribolium, carpet beetles, cockroaches
  • Ready to use powder (please check the description above)
1-30-38-200GARDEN CARE60 boxes/pallet.
Jar of 200 g in box of 24 pieces.
1-30-38-1X20GARDEN CARE20 boxes/pallet
Jar of 1 kg in box of 20 pieces.
1-30-38-500X20HOME CARE48 boxes/pallet.
Jar of 500 g in box of 20 pieces