MICROFLY is a concentrated insecticide. Its active principle (cypermethrin) is contained in water dispersed microspheres (capsules) without solvents. Micro encapsulation grants the formulation a long persistence, absence of unpleasant odor and a safer use. The product preserves these conditions during transport, storage and preservation, thus preserving the active principle physical and chemical characteristics. The a.i. gradual, constant and extended release starts after the product has been applied on the treated surfaces. It must be sprinkled over wall surfaces, windows, windowsills, and green areas, where flying insects stop and hide. Sprinkle by pressure pump on those places where the crawling insects live, like cracks, fissures, skirting boards, floor edges, toilets, etc.

  • Microencapsulated liquid insecticide
  • • Pure cypermethrin 10%
  • mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes,
    flies, wasps, horsefl ies, chironimids,
    fleas, ticks, dermestes, weewills, black flies, moths, lasiodermas,
    cockroaches, ants, silverfish, weevils, beetles, termites.
  • 0,5% – 2% (50 ml – 200 ml of the product in 10 l of water)
1-1003-250X20HOME & GARDEN CARE48 boxes/pallet.
Bottle of 250 ml in box of 20 pieces.