Aquatain AMF is a unique silicone-based liquid for mosquito control. It spreads across the surface of standing water – even large water bodies and forms a very thin film. As silicones have a very low surface tension, the film prevents pupae and larvae from attaching themselves at the surface while attempting to breathe, thereby causing them to drown. The product has a purely physical action and does not contain any toxic chemicals. Its strong spreading action ensures that it will move around vegetation and other obstacles on the surface, and it is highly resistant to wind or wave action. It is also unaffected by rain falling on the surface. Trials have shown that Aquatain AMF is effective on the surface for up to 4 weeks. Aquatain AMF is approved for sale in several countries including Australia, and approvals are pending in many other countries. Many countries have exempted it from formal registration because of its physical action. Silicones – the active ingredients in Aquatain AMF – are one of the most widely used polymers in the world. They are used in consumer products such as shampoos and lipsticks, medicinal and pharmaceutical products, industrial products such as wa-terproofi ng compounds, and even in food applications.

  • Anti mosquitoes film
  • Silicone (PDMS) 89%
  • Anopheles larvae (the malaria vector), Aedes larvae (dengue & chikungunya vector) and Culex larvae (West Nile virus) mosquitoes.
  • 1 ml / m2
1-274-1001-20X500GARDEN CARE40 boxes/pallet.
Bottle of 500 ml in box of 20 pieces
1-274-1001-24×250GARDEN CARE24 boxes/pallet
Bottle of 250 ml in box of 24 pieces.