Tablets ready to use, easy to use: distribute the tablet where there is standing water, such as ditches, canals, ponds, saucers, tires, fountains, ponds, drains, gutters, etc.. Mosquitoes breed more or less extensively in collected stagnant water. Mosquitoes in addition to being annoying insects are carriers of many diseases dangerous to public health and animal health. Flubex Tablet is effective against the larval stages of all species of mosquitoes. For smaller stagnation it is recommended to split the tablets.

  • Effervescent tablets
  • Pure Diflubenzuron 2%
  • Larvae and pupae of mosquitoes
  • 1 tablet every 250-500 liters of water to clear water.
    2 tablets every 100-200 liters of water for the water-laden organic material.
    1 tablet in manhole covers, saucers and small puddles.
1-1-174-100X25GARDEN CARE42 boxes/pallet.
Bottle of 25 tablets with case in box of 100 pieces.
1-1-173-100X50GARDEN CARE36 boxes/pallet.
Bottle of 100 tablets in box of 50 piece.
1-1-174-200X12GARDEN CARE
Bottle of 500 grams/200 tablets in box of 12 pieces.