Mosquitoes breed in collections water more or less extensive. The mosquitoes apart from being troublesome insects are vectors of numerous diseases hazardous to public health and animal.  The Flubex 15 FLOW is active against the larval stages of all mosquito species. Flubex 15 FLOW could be applied directly in the places where mosquitoe larvae and pupae develop such as stagnant water, ditches, channels, culverts etc. The flies breed in the field of decaying organic material that is in accumulates in animal husbandry and places of food production industry. The flies in addition to being pesky insects, they are also carriers of numerous diseases hazardous to public and animal health. Flubex prevents effectively the development of larvae for at le-ast 2-3 weeks. The control of fly larvae is obtained by treating uniformly the mounds of organic matter (manure both internal and external of herds of cattle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry and tunnels) using appropriate volumes of water to ensure that the product spreads in the first 10-15 cm of depth.

  • Flowable liquid larvicide
  • Pure Difl ubenzuron 15%
  • Larvae and pupae of flies and mosquitoes
  • Mosquitoes control:
    170-350 ml / Ha – clear water
    350-700 ml / Ha – with water organic load
    5 drops (0,15 ml) in manhole covers

    Flies control: 70-140 ml in 5-10 liters of water to distribute about 10 m2

1-1-166-50X48GARDEN CARE90 boxes/pallet.
50ml bottle in boxes of 48 pieces.