To eliminate mosquitoes and insects at home and in the garden with the efficacy and quality of LEICA H&G Products. High efficiency LED. LED – light emitting diode – the characteristic of this devices is based on their capacity to produce high brightness light (4 times more than fluorescent lamps and tungsten filament) with low power consumption, high efficiency and reliability LED technology LED UV with a specific light frequency attract more than traditional lights. Cub Zan is the innovative insect killer with a powerful LED light, optimized to attract insects and kill them with the electrified net. Maintenance and cleaning of the trap is facilitated by a system of inspection and disassembly simple intuitive. LED technology ensures a long lifetime with low electric consumption: just 1 watt. Usable in combination with LEICA Lures which increase the effectiveness against mosquitoes.

Certified in Italy

Product conforms CE and RoHS standards

32-SD-7340HOME & GARDEN CARE12 boxes/pallet.
In box of 12 pieces.