Ready to use rodenticide bait for domestic and civil treatments against all species of mice and rats: sewer rats, rats blacks, house mice. It exerts its action by ingestion causing internal bleeding, leading to the death of rodents within a few days, without arousing dence in similar difficulties to the bait; this allows a complete rodent control. Mice and rats, once intoxicated with a single ingestion, are taken from choking and tend to go outdoors to die. It is also shown effi cient against rats and mice “resistant” to anticoagulants used until now. It is a ready to use bait and should be used as such. Place the bait station in places frequented by rodents: housing, sewers, ditches, canals, gardens, garbage dumps, etc..; renewing the bait consumed until we reach the complete disappearance of mice and rats. The rodenticide should be used inside the container with access provided only for rodents. The baits must be arranged so as to minimize the risk of ingestion by other non-target animals and must be fixed in an appropriate way. Dead rodents must be removed from the treatment area at frequent intervals and disposed of in an appropriate manner.

  • Wax blocks
  • • Bromadiolon 0.005%
    • Denatonium BENZOATE 0.001%
  • Mice and rats.
  • Mice: 2 baits (40 g) x 100 sqm
    Brown Norway rat: 3-5 baits (60-100 g) x 100 sq.m.
    Black rat: 3-5 baits (60-100 g) x 100 sq.m.
2-188-8-500X20BLOHOME & GARDEN CARE30 boxes/pallet.
Box of 500 g in carton box of 20 pieces.