BLATTOXUR® GEL ANTS is a bait gel formulated as gel ready to use for the control of the ants. It contains Acetamiprid, insecticide of new generation belonging to the family of the mole-neonicotinoids, that acts for contact and ingestion on the nervous transmission at the postsynaptic level. The ants, due to the highly palatable and attractive substances, come into contact with the gel and the gel sticks to their cuticle; it follows the diffusion of the insecticide in the whole colony that is entirely eliminated within 24 hours. Apply drops of product the size of a lentil in cracks, wall crevices, baseboards, electric boxes, on water pipelines and all the dark, damp, warm cracks where environmental conditions increase the proliferation of ants. Remove the cork, cut the extremity of the point therefore to pour some drops of BLATTOXUR ANT GEL of the size of a pea on the run of the ants, to avoid to apply the product on absorbent surfaces and where can easily be eliminated. If necessary repeat the application after 15-20 days, or with more frequency if gel has been completely eaten.

  • Gel insecticide
  • • Acetamiprid 0,1%
  • All species of ants
  • Apply the product on the passages
    of the ants, along the walls, in the cracks, to the entrance of their refuges.
1-99-09-5X2-ANTSHOME CARE140 boxes/pallet.
Blister 2 traps of 5 gr. box of 20 pieces.
1-99-09-5X2.500AHOME CARE30 boxes/pallet
Syringe 5 g. single blister box of 450 syringe.
1-99-09-10X2.500AHOME CARE140 boxes/pallet.
Syringe 10 g. single blister box of 20 syringes