It protects against Tiger mosquitoes and other annoying insects. It is a non-oil product which does not stain and moisturises the skin.

SOFT REPELLENT LOTION  is a Spray repellent without propellant gas to protect against mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes in particular. Sensitive product with agreeable fragrance. Spray nozzle easy to use. Not greasy. Dries quickly. Leaves your skin soft and hydrated. Distribute evenly in each part of your body. To apply REPELLENT SOFT on your face put the product on your hand and apply uniformly, do not apply over eyes and mouth. Using correctly SOFT REPELLENT LOTION  can protect you at least 4 case of contact with eyes rinse thoroughly and immediately with water. Do not use on wounds, abrasions or on extremely sensitive kind of skin. Do not use on children until 2 years old. Do not use more than 2 times every 4 hours on children between 2-12 years old. The application on children under 12 years of age has to be supervised by an adult.  Do not use on food and drink. Do not overuse, may cause dermal irritation. In case of incident or malaise call your medical.

  • Liquid spray ready to use.
    No aerosol, no gas
  • • Deet 7.5%
    • Citriodiol 1%
  • Tiger mosquito bites and other annoying insects
  • Ready to use
32-SD-7035PERSONAL CARE192 boxes/pallet.
Spray 100 mlin box 12 pieces.