The Bat Box are made of wood resistant to weathering thickness of about 15 mm which ensures perfect insulation of the inner chamber and a longer life time. Equipped with engravings on the back wall that allow bats easy access. Have been designed to favor the presence of bat species more frequent in urban and suburban environments. Placed on trees or on the walls of the house, can offer a shelter to these animals, effi cient and harmless allies in integrated pest mosquitoes. On a summer night, a bat is able to ingest a considerable quantity of insects and its weight may increase up to 50%. It should be stressed that the bats are getting to choose their shelter. The hole entrance located in the lower part and the grooves in the inner wall facilitate the colonization. Nest boxes are constructed without the use of glues and without chemical treatment. They can be installed at any time of year, but is more likely to be occupied in summer. Place in places warmed by the morning sun and not too exposed to the wind; do not place on metal surfaces or in the presence of bright artifi cial light. The ideal height for hanging nest boxes is 4 meters and access must be free. Considering that during the breeding nest boxes are often employed by territorial males, the distance between a nest box and the other should be at least 5 meters.

Dimensions: 41x33x8 cm excluding rear shaft.

6-1347-BATBOXGARDEN CARE24 boxes/pallet.
Box of 4 pieces.