AQUATAIN DROPS are a unique product for killing mosquitoes in standing water around your home. Each capsule contains Aquatain AMF – a non-toxic, silicone based liquid for mosquito control. Simply place AQUATAIN Drops into the water and it will sink to the bottom. The capsule will begin to dissolve in a few minutes and the Aquatain AMF inside the AQUATAIN Drops will fl oat upwards and spreads across the surface. The very thin layer of Aquatain AMF on the surface will prevent mosquitoes from breeding for up to 4 weeks. (Young wrigglers may still be present after treatment, but they will die before they turn into adults.) There aren’t any toxic chemicals in AQUATAIN Drops – they work by reducing the surface tension of the water so that mosquito larvae and pupae can’t attach themselves at the surface to breathe. Trials around the world have confirmed that the Aquatain AMF inside each capsule is highly effective at preventing mosquitoes from breeding. Packaging the Aquatain AMF into Drops means that everybody can now play their part in wiping out mosquitoes in their vicinity. The product is just as effective on mosquitoes which spread dengue fever, West Nile Virus andother mosquito borne diseases. For buckets, sewage pits, small puddles, old tyres, etc., use one AQUATAIN Drop.

  • nti mosquitoes film – Water soluble capsules
  • Silicone (PDMS) 89%
  • Anopheles larvae (the malaria vector), Aedes larvae (dengue & chikun-gunya vector) and Culex larvae (West Nile virus) mosquitoes.
  • 1 drop /0,25 m2
1-274-1002-120X20GARDEN CARE30 boxes/pallet.
20 drops/nylon bag in box of 120 sachets.